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An official mandatory Driving Training Course designed to teach essential driving skills.

There are twelve Essential Driving Lessons throughout the Course:

1. Defensive driving process
2. Impact of alcohol, drug, medication, and over the counter medication on driving
3. Process of moving the car
4. How to stop the car without braking hard.
7. Changing lane process
8. Passing process
9. Three point turn
10. How to do hand over hand 11. Left turn process
12. Right turn process
13. Speed management
14. How to merge into traffic and lane change
15. How to use dedicated green arrow on a dedicated left turn lane.
16. How to make left turn in unprotected green light (inward)
17. How to make a right turn (inward)
18. What to do when you see emergency cars
19. Be courteous at all time

Senior Driver training

As a senior driver myself, completely I understand mature driver needs, you may already know the rules of the road and have years of driving experience. Yet a long-term illness, changes in vision, flexibility, and reaction time could all affect your driving ability. 
Once you reach age 70, the DMV requires you to renew your driver’s license in person to screen for potential issues. This includes taking an eye exam  as well as a written test to ensure you understand current laws and safe driving practices. If any concerns arise during testing, you may be asked to take a behind-the-wheel driving test

That’s where we come in

At Beep Beep Driving School, we want you to retain your ability to drive into your golden years. During our 90-minute evaluation lesson, we’ll assess your current driving method and offer recommendations for improvement. 

Whatever your evaluation uncovers, we have a class that will fit your needs:

If your driving skills are still strong, a 2-hour refresher lesson may be all you need to brush up on some new laws and practices. 
If not, you might require one or more custom-designed lessons to address your needs. 
Either way, our experienced, patient driving instructors are dedicated to helping you pass the DMV test and keeping you on the road.

Behind-the-wheel Training

Thank you for your interest in our behind-the-wheel training course, you have made the right choice to be in the right place. Regardless you are a teen wanting to get your driver license or an adult looking to improve your driving skills, our course is very effective in accomplishing both. Our expert driving instructors are properly and thoroughly trained to provide the best and most accurate up to date instruction possible.All our instructors are California DMV certified, professional and very caring.  We won’t just cover the basics, but all students will be challenged to the best of their driving ability.

Students will learn:

  • Fundamentals of driving
  • Rules of the road
  • Sharing the road
  • Defensive driving
  • Freeway driving
  • Road test preparation

How to drive and obey traffic laws:

At Beep Beep Driving and Traffic School, we promise to make it easy and fun for you or your loved ones to receive the highest quality of Drivers Education and Behind-the-Wheel training.

Our goal at Beep Beep Driving & Traffic School is to provide both adults and teens with the best Drivers Education, Drivers Training and Traffic School services available. As a result these drivers become safe, conscientious and defensive drivers.
No short cuts in lessons.


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